Zach’s 6 month stats and an update

A few weeks ago Zachary had his 6 month appointment.  He continues to be a big strong boy:

Weight: 18.5 pounds
Height: 27.5″
Head: 44 cm

He got his first tooth the day he turned 6 months old and the second one popped out over Memorial Day weekend. I can now see one of his top teeth trying to poke through, so that should come any day now. He has been eating solid food for almost 2 months now and definitely knows what he likes. He loves sweet potatoes, those are by far his favorite (I think he would eat them all day if I let him). He hates green vegetables, although will occasionally eat them if they are mixed with other food. He loves pretty much all fruit except mango (he made a sour face when eating that). He also loves to eat puffs of any flavor and will sit quietly feeding himself while we eat dinner, so that’s been nice. Although, half of them do end up on the floor, but he’s getting better at it!

He was a terrible sleeper for the first 4 months of his life, getting up every 2 hours to nurse or otherwise be comforted, but since 4 months has been sleeping 11 or so hours straight. Now, if he wakes up during the night, there is usually a reason (for example, the night before he turned 6 months he was up a lot, but that was because his tooth was coming in). We had his 6 month photos taken that day and he looks exhausted.

He hasn’t yet started to crawl, but that’s mostly because he finds that he can get wherever he wants by rolling. If I look away for one second he is inevitably on the other side of the room when I look back. One day he’ll realize that it’s easier to get to his toys by crawling instead.

He still loves people. He’s a very sociable young man – he will let anyone hold him at least for a little while and is a huge flirt. But lately he has become a mama’s boy and always needs to come back to me or he gets very upset. I guess there is just something about a mother that is comforting…

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