Tall Ships 2009

This past Sunday we headed into Boston to check out the Tall Ships.  We met our friends Irene, Chad and Justin (who is about a month older than Zachary).  We started out at the Charlestown Navy Yard around 10:30am and got to see a bunch of ships.  Unfortunately, the lines were quite long, so we only had time to get on one of the ships – the Amistad.  I carried Zachary in the Beco baby carrier, which was awesome!  Maneuvering a stroller through the crowds would have been a bit difficult, especially since he doesn’t love being in one for too long.  This carrier was the best thing – it didn’t hurt my back or neck like the Bjorn does (I used to love the Bjorn, but Zach’s getting heavy!) and he didn’t fuss at all.  He actually took a nap in it at one point.

Once we were done walking around Charlestown, we took the water ferry over to Boston. This was the kids’ first boat trip. They seemed to really enjoy looking out the window at the water. We then had to walk the Harbor Walk over to the other piers. This was a longer walk than we anticipated and to add insult to injury, the piers were closed due to “overcrowding”. We had to turn around and walk back to take the water ferry back to Charlestown. It was a bit disappointing, but Darren was happy since he got to get a Slurpee from 7-11. By this time, it was pretty late so we decided to just have dinner and call it a night.

The boys were so well-behaved the entire day – I think they had fun even though they had no clue where we were or why we were there. Check out the pictures below!

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