My first walk around the block…

(note:  the events depicted in this entry took place on December 3rd, 2008)

I’ve made the trip from hospital to car, car to house, house to car, car to doctor, and doctor to car, but I’ve never been outside for longer than 5 minutes or so. Until today, that is. Mommy and Daddy decided that my house arrest could be eased for a little while, so I could get some fresh air. We went for a walk with Grandma(MA) around her and Grandpa(MA)’s house, which gave Mommy and Daddy a tougher workout since it’s an uphill climb (halfway, at least). I offered to get out and help them push my stroller, but they refused to unbuckle me, so I decided to take it easy and nap, instead. We were also joined by my friend Lucas, his mommy (Nancy), and Brady (the furry one in the pictures below). Hopefully this isn’t a one-time deal, and they’ll let me out to stretch my legs even more…I can’t wait!

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