First Year Stats and More

I know there are a lot of updates today, but I finally have time to get his first year photos uploaded. Life has been hectic lately!

Zach had his first year appointment on November 5th. He did so well with his shots and he’s growing steadily! Here are his stats:

Height: 30″ (60%)
Weight: 23 pounds, 7 ounces (60%)
Head Circumference: 46.5cm (60%)

He’s definitely proportionate!

Ten days before that appointment he had an ear infection and was put on Augmentin. This was his third ear infection in 2 months. As of his 1 year appointment it was fully cleared up. However, he got #4 this past Thursday. We now have to meet with an ENT to discuss the possibility of tubes. He’s been so miserable with all of these infections that we will do anything to help him! I will update this blog once we meet with the ENT.

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