First Trip to the Franklin Park Zoo

We met our friends Matt, Jessica and their son Joseph (who is 3 weeks younger than Zachary) at the Franklin Park Zoo today. We saw a bunch of animals, including a lion who was lying on his back (he was still breathing, don’t worry), a lemur, a capybara (the largest rodent in the world), a pygmy hippopotamus and a kookaburra (who was not sitting in an old oak tree!). Our favorites, though, were the gorillas. There was one large one who was sitting down playing with his big toe which we got a picture of. There were others, too, but the cutest one was a smaller gorilla who was rolling around doing somersaults the whole time we were there. Midday we stopped to have lunch and Zachary sat in his stroller while we ate! Yes, this is a huge accomplishment. He actually sat in his stroller half the time we were there. Typically I’m pushing an empty stroller and carrying him, but today he gave me a break at least half the time.

When we got back to the car, the boys were able to play a bit together. I think they like each other! They noticed each other here and there throughout the day, but in the parking lot they were smiling and grabbing at each other. Those were the best pictures we got all day – who needs zoo animals when you have some cute babies to photograph?

We all had fun, but it was a long day. Zachary slept the entire way home (about an hour) which is another unusual thing for him to do. Hopefully he’ll sleep well tonight, too! Enjoy the pictures!

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