First Trip to the Beach

It has been really hot here lately, so two days in a row we took Zachary to the beach.  It was really his first time there – we took him once in July, but he just sat on the sand for a few minutes and didn’t even get to see the ocean.  He wasn’t quite sure of the sand or the water at first, but he quickly warmed up to it.  He tried to eat the sand (yuck!) and loved jumping and walking through the waves.  He met a little girl who was 2 years old and they played for a little while together.  We didn’t put a swim diaper or bathing suit on Zachary because we weren’t planning to stay long and I figured he wouldn’t like the cold ocean water too much.  When it turned out that he loved the water, the little girl’s mother gave me one of her swim diapers (unused, of course).  It was so nice of her, and it also explains why he is only wearing a diaper in some of the pictures.  Zachary watched the little girl fill his bucket with sand and was quite enamored with her, even when she tried to pour a shovelful of sand on his head (which I quickly deflected).

Based on this experience and his experience in his kiddie pool, I think I will be signing him up for swimming lessons soon!

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