First Shoes!

Zachary isn’t walking quite yet, but it is getting cold outside.  We decided that socks don’t protect his feet from the wind enough, so we brought him to Stride Rite for his first shoes.  They measured his feet and found out he is a size 5W (yes, wide, but that was not a surprise).  We tried a few different pairs on and ultimately chose the Soft Motion Froglet in Navy/China Blue.  They velcro close, which is good, because when we put on a pair with laces he immediately untied them.  He walked around the store a bit (holding our hands) and seemed to be comfortable.

As we were checking out, the clerk asked us if he wanted a sticker or if he would eat it.  I told her he’d probably eat it, but we’ll take the sticker anyway.  She then brought up a cool green ball and offered that instead.  That’s way better than a sticker!  We also had a 20% off coupon that expired the day before, but she let us use it anyway, so that was awesome.  All in all, a terrific shopping experience.  Now I just hope he’ll keep his shoes on when we’re out (so far, so good).

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