First “Real” Trip to Friendly’s

We have brought Zachary to Friendly’s before, but he has never eaten their food.  Today we decided to order off the kid’s menu for him and see what he thought.  A few nights ago I made him a grilled cheese and he liked it, so I thought that would be a safe choice.  He got an apple juice, a grilled cheese (with no butter) and some applesauce as a side.  He seemed to tolerate the grilled cheese, but he didn’t devour it like he did the one I made him.  He hated the applesauce, though.  I think it was chunkier than he was used to, so he wasn’t thrilled with the texture.  (The picture of him pushing something away is him pushing the spoon away…)  I’m not giving him ice cream just yet, so we got his ice cream to go and we’ll eat it some other time.  I wanted to get the meal without the ice cream, but it’s the same price!  So…I’ll suffer.

When he was finished with his meal, the waitress asked him if he wanted a balloon.  You should have seen the look on his face!  It was like he understood what she was asking and his answer was a very excited yes!  He was in awe of the balloon and kept squealing with delight.  He’s never loud when we go out to eat, but he was loud tonight!  Luckily, they were happy noises, so I didn’t feel badly.  He only occasionally tried to eat it, which I quickly put a stop to, but he mostly just loved watching it bob up and down.

All in all, the trip was a success.  The price of the kid’s meal was not worth it as he didn’t eat too much, but it was worth it just for the balloon.

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