First Movie

Zachary and I met our friends (another mom and her son) at the Regal Fox Run theater in Newington, NH. They have something called “Baby Flix” every Tuesday for the first showing of a movie (which changes weekly). They offer brighter lights, lower sound and a baby friendly environment. This week they showed Julie & Julia.

I got there first and hung out in the entryway for a bit. There were a bunch of people (mostly senior citizens) buying tickets to that show. Each time someone requested it, the clerk had to explain that there may be newborns and that it was for moms and children under 3. Some people bought the tickets anyway while others left (upset and mumbling).

When we walked into the theater it was fairly packed for a 12:40pm show on a Tuesday. Packed, but no other babies. We took a seat in the handicap section so I could park Zach’s stroller. The boys were at first unsure of where they were. It was dark and loud (it didn’t seem quieter than normal, but I haven’t been to a movie in a while…). They spent the first few minutes looking around trying to get their bearings, then they were all smiles and squeals – they seemed so excited to be at the movies! Zach kept looking at me as if to say “Mom, look at that TV! It’s huge! And look at all the people! This is awesome!!” He kept looking back and forth between the screen and the crowd behind us, grinning.

He did start fussing after a while. Actually, they both did. When one would start, the other would follow, but we were mostly able to soothe them. I held Zachary on my shoulder at one point and he settled down to flirt with the women behind us. I heard them laughing and he had a huge grin on his face. After a while, he fell asleep on my shoulder and stayed that way until the movie ended. I think he slept for about half the movie. The other baby we were with did have a meltdown, but no one complained – they were warned that there could be crying babies so we didn’t feel too bad. They had their choice of whether or not to watch a movie with babies. As some of them left, they commented on how cute the boys were, so obviously no hard feelings.

I will definitely be going back. There are so many movies that I want to see and this provides a great opportunity to do so. I think Zachary enjoyed getting out of the house to do something new. He also enjoyed people-watching. Oh, and as for the movie? It was cute. Not bad, not great, but it was just nice to see one, so I was happy!

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