First Haircut

I didn’t want to do it, but Darren had been begging for weeks.  Finally I couldn’t even tame Zachary’s hair after a bath (he had such long wings!), so I agreed to take him to Snip-Its.  They did such a good job (even though it’s shorter than I like).  He was able to watch cartoons and eat animal crackers, so he was happy.  He did cry when I first put him in the seat, but once the cartoon went on he was fine.  He then cried when I went to pick him back up!  I guess he didn’t want the fun to end.  They gave him a Certificate of Bravery with some of his hair attached to it – so cute!

The first photo is from lunch right before.  I haven’t gotten a great after picture, but the last photo gives you a little bit of an idea of what it looks like (although I don’t brush it to the side like she did).

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