Roy Rogers’ Train

We went to New Jersey last weekend and on the way back stopped for lunch at Roy Rogers.  Lunch was pretty bad (well, for me at least), but Zach had a blast playing on the train they have outside.  It was a fun way for him to stretch his legs from sitting in the car […]

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Pumpkin Patch

I took Zachary to Cider Hill Farm and had him play in the pumpkin patch last week. It was windy and he was tired, but there are still some cute pictures.

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Zachary Crawls Outside

This is just a fun little video of Zachary playing and crawling.  Don’t worry, no babies were injured during filming.

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First Trip to the Beach

It has been really hot here lately, so two days in a row we took Zachary to the beach.  It was really his first time there – we took him once in July, but he just sat on the sand for a few minutes and didn’t even get to see the ocean.  He wasn’t quite […]

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Zachary has started rejecting pureed food, so we have had to feed him table foods more and more.  We took him to Fuddruckers and got him a grilled cheese (yeah, one of his favorites).  At first, I broke up the sandwich into bite-sized pieces for him to eat, but after a few minutes he decided […]

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The Big Dog Show

We went to The Big Dog Show this weekend in Haverhill. There were a bunch of dog sculptures and one guitar sculpture by sculptor Dale Rogers. The sculptures were neat, but most of them were the same so it was a quick trip. Zachary did not care too much for the dogs until he realized […]

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First Trip to the Franklin Park Zoo

We met our friends Matt, Jessica and their son Joseph (who is 3 weeks younger than Zachary) at the Franklin Park Zoo today. We saw a bunch of animals, including a lion who was lying on his back (he was still breathing, don’t worry), a lemur, a capybara (the largest rodent in the world), a […]

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Tall Ships 2009

This past Sunday we headed into Boston to check out the Tall Ships.  We met our friends Irene, Chad and Justin (who is about a month older than Zachary).  We started out at the Charlestown Navy Yard around 10:30am and got to see a bunch of ships.  Unfortunately, the lines were quite long, so we […]

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My first walk around the block…

(note:  the events depicted in this entry took place on December 3rd, 2008) I’ve made the trip from hospital to car, car to house, house to car, car to doctor, and doctor to car, but I’ve never been outside for longer than 5 minutes or so. Until today, that is. Mommy and Daddy decided that my house […]

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Zachary’s first trip to Boston (and the dentist)…

(note:  the events depicted in this entry took place on December 2nd, 2008) Today was Zachary’s first trip into Boston. It was also his first trip to the dentist – although that’s only because we were heading into Boston to add some memory to a computer in Lindsay’s grandfather’s/uncle’s/cousin’s dental office – Zachary still has […]

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