First Time Bowling

We took Zach bowling for the first time yesterday.  Since we have candlepin bowling here, we knew he could handle the weight of the balls.  It was fun (or at least, HE had fun!) but it was exhausting!  I had to push the ball with him, otherwise it got stuck halfway or it rolled back […]

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Water Table

We bought Zach a water table last week for when the weather gets really warm.  He loves splashing, so we figured he’d love this.  We were right!  I’d much rather he splash in the water table than the dogs’ water bowl (although, the dogs did drink from the water table…).  I didn’t have a chance […]

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Zach’s Stacks!

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Space Issues

This is what happens when there isn’t enough room for all the toys you own…  I put the Little People Racetrack under our end table for storage, with the idea that when Zach wants to play with it, I can pull it out and put it in the middle of the floor.  Apparently, Zachary is […]

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Zachary Crawls Outside

This is just a fun little video of Zachary playing and crawling.  Don’t worry, no babies were injured during filming.

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First Time Pushing His Wagon

Every few days or so I have tried to get Zachary to push his wagon.  He loves walking while holding our hands, but refuses to walk holding onto anything else.  Until today, that is.  When I first placed his hands on the handle he was unsure of himself.  He stood very well, of course, but […]

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Splish Splash

It was a really hot day today so we put Zachary in his kiddie pool for the first time.  He loved it!  Check out the pictures and video below!

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Future Rock Star!

Whether fake or real, Zachary doesn’t care – he’ll play any instrument he can get his hands on!  He particularly likes the drums at this point (what kid wouldn’t?) and cried when we took the drum sticks away (I just have to teach him that mommy’s head is not a drum – those sticks hurt!), […]

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Zachary in the bumbo

I can watch this over and over and over again…it makes me crack up 🙂

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