Cake Smash!

We took Zachary to Portrait Simple to get some cake smash photos taken.  We got a free cake from Shaw’s (they give anyone who turns 1 a free 7″ cake!) and ordered a cute onesie from Love Lucas Creations.  I think they came out great even though he was a bit tentative at first:

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Two Birthday Parties!

Zachary is a lucky boy – he had TWO first birthday parties!  He was overwhelmed by all the people but he still had a great time at both.  He definitely enjoyed his cake at the NY party more, though.  Here are the highlights from the one in MA: And here are the highlights from the […]

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First Halloween

This was Zachary’s first Halloween. We let Darren choose his costume, so he ended up being Yoda. He was definitely the cutest Yoda I’ve ever seen!  Our playgroup had a Halloween Party and we also went Trick or Treating at the mall and in Nana and Grandpa’s neighborhood.  He actually kept his ears on most […]

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First Shoes!

Zachary isn’t walking quite yet, but it is getting cold outside.  We decided that socks don’t protect his feet from the wind enough, so we brought him to Stride Rite for his first shoes.  They measured his feet and found out he is a size 5W (yes, wide, but that was not a surprise).  We […]

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Zachary Climbs Stairs

We probably shouldn’t be encouraging this, but Zachary crawled over to our stairs today and started climbing them. Rather than stopping him, we got the camera out and caught it on video. He isn’t very fast yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he masters this. Please excuse the voices in the video […]

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First Time Pushing His Wagon

Every few days or so I have tried to get Zachary to push his wagon.  He loves walking while holding our hands, but refuses to walk holding onto anything else.  Until today, that is.  When I first placed his hands on the handle he was unsure of himself.  He stood very well, of course, but […]

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First Movie

Zachary and I met our friends (another mom and her son) at the Regal Fox Run theater in Newington, NH. They have something called “Baby Flix” every Tuesday for the first showing of a movie (which changes weekly). They offer brighter lights, lower sound and a baby friendly environment. This week they showed Julie & […]

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First Trip to the Beach

It has been really hot here lately, so two days in a row we took Zachary to the beach.  It was really his first time there – we took him once in July, but he just sat on the sand for a few minutes and didn’t even get to see the ocean.  He wasn’t quite […]

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Blueberry Picking

We went blueberry picking this morning with Grandma. Once we picked a handful of blueberries, we sat Zachary down and put the bowl in front of him. He picked up blueberry after blueberry, put them in his mouth, took them out (or spit them out) and put them back in the bowl or on the […]

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Splish Splash

It was a really hot day today so we put Zachary in his kiddie pool for the first time.  He loved it!  Check out the pictures and video below!

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