Kid’s Day in the Park

We met some friends in Newburyport for Kid’s Day in the Park this morning. It was basically a mini “Touch a Truck”, which Zach loved! He got to go inside a big truck, a police car, a sheriff’s car, a police bike, an ambulance, a fire truck and an MG Midget. He had a great […]

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First Time Bowling

We took Zach bowling for the first time yesterday.  Since we have candlepin bowling here, we knew he could handle the weight of the balls.  It was fun (or at least, HE had fun!) but it was exhausting!  I had to push the ball with him, otherwise it got stuck halfway or it rolled back […]

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Water Table

We bought Zach a water table last week for when the weather gets really warm.  He loves splashing, so we figured he’d love this.  We were right!  I’d much rather he splash in the water table than the dogs’ water bowl (although, the dogs did drink from the water table…).  I didn’t have a chance […]

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Roy Rogers’ Train

We went to New Jersey last weekend and on the way back stopped for lunch at Roy Rogers.  Lunch was pretty bad (well, for me at least), but Zach had a blast playing on the train they have outside.  It was a fun way for him to stretch his legs from sitting in the car […]

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Every Spring Portrait Simple brings in live bunnies for the kids to have their pictures taken with.  Zach had such a good time and loved having the bunny walk all over and around him.  It was so fun seeing his reactions.  Here are my 15 favorites (it was so hard to choose!):

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On March 4th we took a trip to Florida for Darren’s cousin’s wedding. It was Zach’s first time on an airplane and he did so great! He watched TV, played with his Magna Doodle and stickers and ate animal crackers. He had a great time in Florida and enjoyed the nice weather. We tried to […]

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Zach’s Stacks!

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Early Start to Good Hygiene…

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Zachary’s 15 Month Stats

Zachary had his 15 month appointment yesterday. He’s growing, but staying “average” (50-60 percentile). Height: 31″ Weight: 25lbs 2oz. Head Circumference: 47cm He also got four vaccines: Varicella (Chickenpox), MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella), Hib (Haemophilus Influenzae Type b) and DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis). Everything else went well – the doctor said he’s developing […]

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Zachary on the drums

He’s a natural….

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