9 Month Stats

Zachary had his 9 month well visit today.  The doctor said he is perfect (and I happen to agree!).  He had no shots or blood taken at this appointment, so Zachary was quite happy.  Well, happier than he would have been, but since he had a totally different schedule 3 months ago when I made the appointment, we were there right at naptime.  He was fairly grumpy, but the nurses and doctors got a couple smiles out of him anyway.  He got to sit on the scale rather than lie down, which he liked much better.  He tried to help the nurse adjust it to find his weight, but she didn’t need his help.  Here are his current stats:

Weight: 21lbs 12oz.
Height: 28.5″
Head Circumference: 45cm

His weight is 70th percentile and his height went down to the 60th (he had previously been between 80-90%), but it’s normal for growth to slow down at this point.  Apparently now is when genetics start to play a role in the height, so I don’t expect Zachary to be growing too tall anytime soon. We also got the full go ahead to have him start eating more table foods that he can feed to himself, so this will be fun! The next few weeks will be filled with cooked vegetables, pasta, deli meats, hamburger meat, etc. Things that are easy to chew but much more interesting than that pureed stuff!

After the appointment, I had to make his 1 year appointment. That was so weird! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by!

We got Zachary’s 9 month photos taken this past weekend at Portrait Simple. They did such a great job. We have wallets and 5x7s if anyone would like one. Also, if you would like to see all of the photos, e-mail us or leave a comment. We will e-mail out the link to the photos to anyone who asks. If you want a printout of a specific photo, don’t order it from the link we send you. We can get it from the store for a much cheaper price.

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