Zachary on the drums

He’s a natural….

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Messy Baby…

Zachary is still a picky eater, but apparently one way around that is to give him MY food. I made peanut butter Ritz crackers for him while I was enjoying some pasta. The grunts and whines started, so I gave him a bite. I figured he hates pasta with sauce, so what’s the harm? He […]

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Tubes, Part 2

Zachary woke up at 3am which he has been doing ever since he got his last ear infection. Normally I nurse him at this point and he goes back to sleep until 7:00 or so. He was unable to eat after midnight, so he would not go back to sleep. Finally, at 5am I got […]

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More Walking

Here’s a recent video of Zachary walking.  He’s taking more and more steps every day.  Soon enough he’ll choose to walk instead of crawl!

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First Steps

I won’t call him a walker just yet, but he has finally taken some real steps.  I’ve known he could do it for a while now, I think he’s just lazy and lacked confidence (and I’m sure having fluid in his ears didn’t help his balance).  Here’s a video of some of his first stumbling […]

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Zachary has gotten a couple more ear infections so we met with a local ENT named Dr. Seymour.  Zach had a hearing test and failed (poor guy!) and had some fluid in his ears, so Dr. Seymour suggested we bring him in for tube surgery.  We have it scheduled for this Monday, January 25, at […]

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First Haircut

I didn’t want to do it, but Darren had been begging for weeks.  Finally I couldn’t even tame Zachary’s hair after a bath (he had such long wings!), so I agreed to take him to Snip-Its.  They did such a good job (even though it’s shorter than I like).  He was able to watch cartoons […]

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One Year Photos

We finally got some decent one year photos. He either had an ear infection and was crabby or was constantly on the move, so it took three tries!

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