Laughing and Playing with Daddy

Please excuse the mess, we’re still trying to organize and clean up after the two parties!

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First Year Stats and More

I know there are a lot of updates today, but I finally have time to get his first year photos uploaded. Life has been hectic lately! Zach had his first year appointment on November 5th. He did so well with his shots and he’s growing steadily! Here are his stats: Height: 30″ (60%) Weight: 23 […]

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First Year Video

I put together a slide show video of Zachary’s first year:

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Cake Smash!

We took Zachary to Portrait Simple to get some cake smash photos taken.  We got a free cake from Shaw’s (they give anyone who turns 1 a free 7″ cake!) and ordered a cute onesie from Love Lucas Creations.  I think they came out great even though he was a bit tentative at first:

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Two Birthday Parties!

Zachary is a lucky boy – he had TWO first birthday parties!  He was overwhelmed by all the people but he still had a great time at both.  He definitely enjoyed his cake at the NY party more, though.  Here are the highlights from the one in MA: And here are the highlights from the […]

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First Halloween

This was Zachary’s first Halloween. We let Darren choose his costume, so he ended up being Yoda. He was definitely the cutest Yoda I’ve ever seen!  Our playgroup had a Halloween Party and we also went Trick or Treating at the mall and in Nana and Grandpa’s neighborhood.  He actually kept his ears on most […]

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