Maybe between the two of us we can figure this out…

I think they’re plotting to make a break for it!

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This is what happens when Grandma babysits…

But he does look like he’s having a blast!  (And yes, I know it’s gross, but we thoroughly washed his hands afterwards…..)

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Zachary’s Wish List

People have been asking me what Zachary wants/needs for his birthday.  I compiled a list of suggestions into an Amazon Wish List.  It is just a general idea of things he might like, you don’t have to follow it exactly ( for example, I put some big knob puzzles on there…he doesn’t need these exact […]

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Gap Casting Call

I submitted some of the photos taken this past weekend to the Gap Casting Call contest.  Please vote for him!

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New Photos

My cousin Todd is a great photographer, so I asked him to take pictures of Zachary so we could get some really great shots.  I am so happy with the results!  Here are some of my favorites: I don’t know why the thumbnails look funny, but click on the pictures – you won’t be disappointed.

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Space Issues

This is what happens when there isn’t enough room for all the toys you own…  I put the Little People Racetrack under our end table for storage, with the idea that when Zach wants to play with it, I can pull it out and put it in the middle of the floor.  Apparently, Zachary is […]

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First Shoes!

Zachary isn’t walking quite yet, but it is getting cold outside.  We decided that socks don’t protect his feet from the wind enough, so we brought him to Stride Rite for his first shoes.  They measured his feet and found out he is a size 5W (yes, wide, but that was not a surprise).  We […]

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Pumpkin Patch

I took Zachary to Cider Hill Farm and had him play in the pumpkin patch last week. It was windy and he was tired, but there are still some cute pictures.

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