Zachary Crawls Outside

This is just a fun little video of Zachary playing and crawling.  Don’t worry, no babies were injured during filming.

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Sneaky, Sneaky!

Zachary has had a bad cold lately, so please excuse the lack of updates. A couple days ago, we were hanging out in the living room after he woke up. As usual, he was crawling, climbing and cruising all over the place. I was on the other side of the room doing something when I […]

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Zachary Climbs Stairs

We probably shouldn’t be encouraging this, but Zachary crawled over to our stairs today and started climbing them. Rather than stopping him, we got the camera out and caught it on video. He isn’t very fast yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he masters this. Please excuse the voices in the video […]

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First Time Pushing His Wagon

Every few days or so I have tried to get Zachary to push his wagon.  He loves walking while holding our hands, but refuses to walk holding onto anything else.  Until today, that is.  When I first placed his hands on the handle he was unsure of himself.  He stood very well, of course, but […]

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