Pool with Justin

We visited our friends Irene and Justin today. It was 90 degrees, so the boys decided to go for a swim. They loved splashing each other in the pool, but then it started getting a bit chilly since we were in the shade. They took a break and hung out in the tent which was […]

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First Movie

Zachary and I met our friends (another mom and her son) at the Regal Fox Run theater in Newington, NH. They have something called “Baby Flix” every Tuesday for the first showing of a movie (which changes weekly). They offer brighter lights, lower sound and a baby friendly environment. This week they showed Julie & […]

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First Trip to the Beach

It has been really hot here lately, so two days in a row we took Zachary to the beach.  It was really his first time there – we took him once in July, but he just sat on the sand for a few minutes and didn’t even get to see the ocean.  He wasn’t quite […]

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Zachary has started rejecting pureed food, so we have had to feed him table foods more and more.  We took him to Fuddruckers and got him a grilled cheese (yeah, one of his favorites).  At first, I broke up the sandwich into bite-sized pieces for him to eat, but after a few minutes he decided […]

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Blueberry Picking

We went blueberry picking this morning with Grandma. Once we picked a handful of blueberries, we sat Zachary down and put the bowl in front of him. He picked up blueberry after blueberry, put them in his mouth, took them out (or spit them out) and put them back in the bowl or on the […]

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Splish Splash

It was a really hot day today so we put Zachary in his kiddie pool for the first time.  He loved it!  Check out the pictures and video below!

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Future Rock Star!

Whether fake or real, Zachary doesn’t care – he’ll play any instrument he can get his hands on!  He particularly likes the drums at this point (what kid wouldn’t?) and cried when we took the drum sticks away (I just have to teach him that mommy’s head is not a drum – those sticks hurt!), […]

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The Big Dog Show

We went to The Big Dog Show this weekend in Haverhill. There were a bunch of dog sculptures and one guitar sculpture by sculptor Dale Rogers. The sculptures were neat, but most of them were the same so it was a quick trip. Zachary did not care too much for the dogs until he realized […]

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9 Month Stats

Zachary had his 9 month well visit today.  The doctor said he is perfect (and I happen to agree!).  He had no shots or blood taken at this appointment, so Zachary was quite happy.  Well, happier than he would have been, but since he had a totally different schedule 3 months ago when I made […]

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First “Real” Trip to Friendly’s

We have brought Zachary to Friendly’s before, but he has never eaten their food.  Today we decided to order off the kid’s menu for him and see what he thought.  A few nights ago I made him a grilled cheese and he liked it, so I thought that would be a safe choice.  He got […]

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